29 May, 2023,


The Council was established on 21 November 2015, and the Secretariat was fully operationalized in mid-2017.  

The organs of the Council are Ministerial Council, Senior Officials Meeting, and the Secretariat. The Secretariat performs functions formulated or directed by the Ministerial Council as the supreme body. The whole operation of the Secretariat is in full compliance with the Charter of the Establishment of CPOPC.

The Secretariat consists of the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General, the Director of Strategy and Policy, the Director of Sustainability and Smallholders, and supported by technical and administrative staff required for the Council’s operations. The Secretary General is the chief administrative officer of the Secretariat and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Secretariat. The Secretariat is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.   

The objective of the Council is to promote, develop and strengthen cooperation in the oil palm cultivation and industry among the Member Countries as well as to ensure long term benefits of such palm oil endeavors to the economic development and well being of the people of the Member Countries.