Making the indispensable real: Research and innovation of palm oil.

RESEARCH AND INNOVATION. A weakness of developing economies is the lack of research and development. Innovation has tended to be the preserve of the more advanced economies. However, the income generated from palm oil provides the opportunity to commit resources which is currently being witnessed with most palm oil companies developing their own R and D facilities and several government initiatives are underway.

There are several levels for research and development for palm oil. Amongst others:

  1. On the level of production process, many plantations are characterized by outdated technologies and there is clear room for further research to include digital technologies.
  1. The development of palm oil seed varieties with high yield.
  1. Disease and pest control.
  1. Biochemical, physiological, nutritional, hematological and toxicological aspects of palm oil.
  1. Water recycling from POME and cogeneration.
  1. Support for downstream use of palm oil oleo-chemicals.


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